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Saturday, September 24 · 9:00am - 6:00pm

Valley Life Sciences Building, Room 2040, UC Berkeley

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Muslim Peace Coalition presents...
"Learning to Stand Up" training summit

"Learning to Stand Up" is an all day training summit focusing on organizing the wider Muslim community into standing up for peace, justice and civil liberties, while opposing war, terrorism and islamophobia.

Training panels include:
• How to Organize Grassroots to empower the working people
• How to influence media on the issues of war abroad and war at home
• Watching Out for Our Civil Rights
• How to mobilize Muslims to fight triple evil of war, terrorism & Islamophobia
• How to influence electoral conversations with critical questions about war at home and war abroad issues

Trainers & Chair persons include:
Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid • Imam Faheem Shuaibe • Ibrahim Hooper • Zahra Billoo • Anser Hassan • Samina Fahim Sundas • Judy Donovan • Jeff Mackler • Dr. Nadeem Mahmood • Summer Hararah • Zienab Abdelgany • Ahmed Desouki

Registration is at 9am
Program starts at 10am

The event is FREE to the public.
Registration is required.
Donations accepted.

Muslim Peace Coalition USA

UC Berkeley MSA PAC
Afghans for Peace
Asian Law Caucus

Afghan American Muslim Outreach
Arab Resource and Organizing Center
Muslim American Society Bay Area
American Muslim Voice
The Muslim Peace Coalition is the first national coalition of it's kind, composed of Muslim Americans in 15 states who are committed to the principle of standing up and speaking for justice (Quran 4:135) MPC actively opposes war, condemns terrorism, fights Islamophobia and stands with those who stand with us. Our first successful summit in Long Island, NY helped mobilize 5,000 Muslims in an antiwar march on April 9, 2011.