Who We Are

Muslim Peace Coalition is composed of Muslim Americans in 15 states who are committed to the principle of standing up and speaking for justice (Quran 4:135), not only because of their desire to uphold the principles of their faith but also out of deep concern and commitment to our country.

While there are many Muslim peace activists and organizations working on peace in the USA, this is the first national coalition of its kind.

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What We Stand For

The Muslim Peace Coalition believes that war, terrorism and Islamophobia form a dangerous nexus that is dragging our nation backward. It is not only our economy and constitution that are under attack because of this set but our very spirit and morale, thus diminishing our standing as the world's leading nation. Here are some harrowing statistics that make this clear:

Standing up for our Democracy:
  • Every person under U.S. jurisdiction or control is entitled to Bill of Rights protections. However, the PATRIOT ACT is undermining our constitution and the justice system.
  • Latinos and other immigrants are routinely subject to unconstitutional searches.
  • 700,000 Muslims have been interviewed by the FBI. 
  • People are being asked to defend themselves while they are told evidence against them is secret. How can one defend himself or herself while evidence is kept secret?
  • The country cannot be made safer by sacrificing some rights for all or part of its population.
Saving America from War-Economy Disaster: 
  • The cost to NY state this year for war will be $15 billion, according to the Government Accountability Project.
  • This is while NY state has around a $10 billion deficit, causing layoffs of state workers, wage freezes and cuts to social services, education, etc.
  • We are competing with China for trade, investment and natural resources. China is welcomed everywhere despite its totalitarian system while we are hated despite our democracy.
  • London has replaced New York as the financial capitol of the world ever since we have become an unwelcoming nation.
Fighting hate in America:
  • The number of armed militias in the United States has doubled (Time magazine)
  • President Obama is receiving 400 percent more death threats than President Bush did. (Secret Service)
  • The number of active hate groups in the U.S. topped 1,000 for the first time. (Southern Poverty Law Center, "2010 -- The Year in Hate & Extremism")
Standing up for our rights: 
  • 13 states are considering anti-Muslim laws
  • 30,000+ Muslims have been detained; mosques across the country have been checked for nuclear bombs
  • 28 percent of Muslim students in New York Public Schools report being stopped by police as a result of profiling in New York (Columbia)
  • 7 percent of Muslim students say they have been physically assaulted (Columbia)

Muslim Peace Coalition invites Muslims to work with millions of our neighbors who are fighting for peace and justice against wars and Islamophobia.

Muslim Peace Coalitions Positions
  • We actively oppose war
  • We repeatedly condemn terrorism
  • We fight Islamophobia
  • And to do that we stand with those who stand with us
    • In coalition with peace, labor & interfaith movements
    • In a peaceful struggle for civil & human rights for all
Over 130 Imams have already joined our call

Spearhead by the Muslim Peace Coalition, 100 New York Imams in the spring of 2011 stood together to issue an historic statement that established the link between wars at home and wars abroad. Here is the text and names.

Our invitation to you:
  1. Volunteer to work for protecting our rights by offering your skills and time.
  2. You can invite us to your campus to speak about Muslim perspectives on issues connect to war, terrorism and Islamophobia.
  3. We can organize training for peace and justice activism in your community.
  4. Please sign up for our newsletter, Facebook and Twitter pages.
  5. Send a donation to support this important work that, thus far, no organization has taken up.