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An Afghan Peace Movement, Not a US Peace Jirga

Posted by Mufti Admin on Saturday, April 9, 2011,
By David Swanson, Truthout

Kabul, Afghanistan - The United States, on the verge of shutting down its own government for lack of funds, just forked over another $50 million for a peace jirga (or council) to negotiate peace in Afghanistan or at least sponsor an upcoming conference in the United Arab Emirates and - perhaps more so - bribe Taliban fighters to temporarily stop fighting.

Talking is always preferable to bombing, and anything with the name pe...
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Our Demand Must Be “US Troops Out of Afghanistan Now!”

Posted by Mufti Admin on Monday, April 4, 2011,

By Brian Terrell

Given the fears and uncertainties of what might befall Afghanistan upon the withdrawal of US and NATO troops, is it responsible for American peace activists to demand that our government bring our troops home now? I believe that it is urgent and that it is crucial that we do.

The future of Afghanistan cannot be settled by the US peace movement anymore than by the US State Department or the Department of Defense. Our positions on the war and occupatio...

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