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October 25, 2010
Imam Khalid Griggs, the national co-chair of Muslim Pace Coalition USA thanked the peace movement on its resolute and firm stand against the growing Islamophobia in the US.  He announced that he and Imam Malik Mujahid will be speaking at the meeting called by the United National Antiwar Committee that will be held on November 6th at Saint Mark's Church in lower Manhattan from noon to 4 PM.
Imam Griggs was referring to the press release by UNAC that was expressing its outrage at the widespread abuse of human rights including murder and rape that were documented in the Wikileaks report. He cautioned that contrary to the anti-septic view of war that is being promoted by the warmongerers, all wars will have collateral as well as deliberate destruction of civilian lives.  These abuses of human rights are the reason "they hate us" and the anger and hate by the victims of wars is used by Al-Qaida as well as US hatemongerers to keep the vicious cycle of hate and war going.
He urged the fellow Americans especially Muslims to join the peace movement and to end the cycle of war and religious bigotry
List of UNAC speakers:

The Muslim Peace Coalition USA is a grassroots alliance of organizations and individuals, from 15 states and growing, launched in September 2010 to stand with those who stand with Muslims in this era of growing Islamophobia. It works closely with the peace movement, human and civil rights organizations and inter-faith groups.