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October 21, 2010

The New York chapter of Muslim Peace Coalition-USA applauds the decision of the National Public Radio to fire Juan Williams for his reckless remarks against American Muslims.
 We support Juan Williams' firing.  It was the right decision. As an individual Mr. Williams have the right to harbor any irrational fears however absurd but as a media personality he must not be allowed to use the airways to spread panic, contempt or hatred.  His statement can be used to support the demand by Islamophobic extremists to racially profile Muslims whereas security experts all point out that such profiling will take away resources from real work as terrorists do not "dress up"as Muslims.
"Anti-Muslim groups are manufacturing and spreading fear about American Muslims.  Anti-Muslim sentiments are at a much higher level than after THE 9 11 terrorist attacks. Fear is more dangerous than hate.  Fear mongering and demonization ultimately leads to mass-persecution and even led to genocide. Native Americans were demonized as savages before they were eradicated, Africans were dehumanized as subhumans before they were enslaved and then demonized to support Jim Crow laws. The same was done to  German Jews and the Gypsies and to Muslims of Bosnia and Gujarat," said Dr. Shaik Ubaid, the co-chair of New York chapter of Muslim Peace Coalition.
"Islamophobia is not a theoretical or philosophical question for Muslims. Every day mosques come under attack and Muslims are harassed and abused, especially Muslim women and children. Rick Sanchez was fired for stereotyping Jews and Jews are not as "endangered" a species in the US  as are the Muslims. 
What would Juan William do, if in the thick of anti-black hysteria in the 1950s in the South, a white woman TV commentator said that every time a black man approached her she felt scared because she was once mugged by A black youth?  
Dr. Ubaid posed the question "Wouldn't she be letting her so called "natural" emotions be used on air to generate A fear of African Americans fighting for equal rights?"
The Muslim Peace Coalition USA is a grassroots alliance of organizations and individuals, from 15 states and growing, launched in September 2010 to stand with those who stand with Muslims in this era of growing Islamophobia. It works closely with the peace movement, human and civil rights organizations and inter-faith groups.