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Press Release
October 27, 2010
Muslim Peace Coalition-USA condemns the series of attacks on the Huntington mosque in Long Island.  Thanks Peace Movement for Including Islamophobia as a Major Topic for the November 6th Antiwar Conference.
Seemi Ahmed, the co-chair of the New York chapter of Muslim Peace Coalition-USA, has expressed concern over the growing attacks on Muslims and mosques.  She condemned the series of attacks on the Masjid Noor in Huntington and expressed satisfaction that the hate crimes unit  is investigating the attack that took place on October 26th.
"The fact that polls have documented that more Americans hate Muslims now than just after September 11, 2001 shows that the abuse of mass media by hatemongerers and fearmongerers is working. History bears witness that fear-mongering and demonization have always led to mass persecution of the demonized community. Just today news reports state that a family was ejected from a flight because of their Muslim garb," Seemi Ahmed stated.
She thanked the inter-faith leaders, human rights organizations, moderate politicians, and police authorities on Long Island for expressing solidarity with the demonized Muslim community.
Ahmed thanked the  United National Antiwar Committee for Including Islamophobia as a Major Topic for the November 6th Anti-War Conference at Saint Mark's Church in Lower Manhattan. She appealed to all peace loving Americans to attend the conference.
THE Muslim Peace Coalition USA is a grassroots alliance of organizations and individuals, from 15 states and growing, launched in September 2010 to stand with those who stand with Muslims in this era of growing Islamophobia. It works closely with the peace movement, human and civil rights organizations and inter-faith groups.