January 2, 2012
Contact person: Dr. Shaik Saad: 516-567-0783
Muslim Peace Coalition-USA strongly condemns the fire bombing of a prominent mosque and homes and business in the Queens area of New York City. According to the initial reports the same type of arson weapon was used in all the attacks.  One of the houses belonged to a Hindu person.
The four arson attacks seem well planned and coordinated. One of the targets was a prominent mosque in Queens- Al-Khoi Islamic Center. There were dozens of worshipers inside the mosque when it was fire bombed.
Unfortunately the hate crimes against Muslims are on a rise all across the country. A well-financed anti-Islam and anti-Muslim campaign has made islamophobia politically acceptable in America.
The police departments are being used to keep the whole Muslim community under warrantless surveillance. A New York first responder who sacrificed his life to save people trapped in the burning twin towers on 9/11 is not being recognized by the 9/11 memorial as a hero because he was a Muslim.
"Many non Muslim South Asians as well as other non Muslim immigrants have been attacked when the attackers mistook them for Muslims. This proves that hatred is irrational and cannot be contained and must not be tolerated.  Islamophobia endangers all Americans and acceptance of Islamophobia endangers the American way of life and rule of law," said Dr. Shaik Ubaid, the New york co-chair of Muslim Peace Coalition USA
Muslim Peace Coalition-USA urges the New York and the federal law-enforcement agencies to give the investigation into these heinous hate crimes  top priority.  We also hope that the moderate religious leaders of all communities and responsible media personalities along with civil rights leaders and peace activists will continue to take a robust stand against hate mongering by extremist religious leaders, opportunistic politicians and irresponsible media personalities.