December 30, 2011
Contact person: Dr. Shaik Ubaid: 516-567-0783
New York Muslims disappointed by Mayor Bloomberg's Reaction. Will pray for him in the Friday services.Hope he will join the movement against indefinite detention of the US citizens. Americans must not fear their Muslims fellow citizens, they should fear the slippery slope to the police state. Muslim boycott covered extensively by the media

We are saddened and disappointed by Mayor Bloomberg's reaction to the Muslim leaders boycotting his breakfast for his support of warrantless surveillance of the Muslim community. His flippant remark that the respected religious and civic leaders missed out on a great breakfast does not behoove the mayor.  Mr. Bloomberg had shown that he is a sensitive and principled man when the civil rights of Muslims and other New Yorkers were violated in the past and this fact makes his reaction even more peculiar and disappointing.

The Muslims of New York are concerned about national security.  Any terrorist act endangers them directly as well as indirectly by creating a backlash. They are concerned in principle and on practical grounds both. But they are also concerned about the steady erosion of the rule of law and civil rights guaranteed by the constitution and the Bill of Rights.
 Muslims have been a part of the American fabric for centuries. Their slave labor built this nation. Their scientists doctors,computer engineers and small business owners sustain it. They will continue to fight to preserve the constitutionally guaranteed civil rights along with other faith leaders, civil rights activists., human rights leaders and principled politicians. Muslim Peace Coalition-USA along with its partners will be launching a repeal the Indefinite Detention Act if it is signed by President Obama and hope that the mayor of the great city of New York will join us.  Muslims should pray for God to grant Mr. Bloomberg the courage to lead with justice and compassion during this Friday prayer services. Friday is the Muslim sabbath and thousands of New York area Muslims will be attending the services in the hundreds of area mosques.

The Friday sermons should focus on the message that Americans should not fear their Muslim fellow citizens they must fear the slippery slope to a police state," said Dr. Shaik Ubaid, the New York co-chair of the Muslim Peace Coalition.