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Press Release     
October 29, 2010
Muslim Peace Coalition USA condemns the attempted mail bombings of synagogues in Chicago.

Imam Khalid Griggs, the national co-chair of Muslim Peace Coalition USA condemned the attempted mail bombings of Jewish synagogues.

According to  President Obama and news reports, US and international law enforcement agencies successfully intercepted mail packages containing explosives in Dubai and London.The packages had originated from Yemen and were addressed to synagogues in Chicago.

Imam Griggs expressed satisfaction at the successful interception of these mail packages. He stated that Islam teaches Muslims to respect human lives and places of worship of other religions

Dr. Shaik Ubaid, the New York co-chair of Muslim Peace Coalition also condemned these attempted terrorist acts. He encouraged Muslims to express solidarity with their Jewish fellow citizens by visiting synagogues just as many Jewish brethren had visited masjids (mosques) last week during the national week of dialogue organized by the Muslim organizations in many parts of the country.
Dr. Ubaid urged the clergy from all religions to attend the upcoming antiwar meeting together in New York City on November 6th that is being arranged by the United National Antiwar Committee (UNAC).  "Such a show of religious harmony and a joint commitment to peace will dent the recruitment propaganda by extremists who thrive on polarization in the society," said Dr. Ubaid

THE Muslim Peace Coalition USA is a grassroots alliance of organizations and individuals, from 15 states and growing, launched in September 2010 to stand with those who stand with Muslims in this era of growing Islamophobia. It works closely with the peace movement, human and civil rights organizations and inter-faith groups.