Spare 10 Minute A Day
Call President Obama Week 202-456-1111
Against Indefinite Detentions without Trial
To Mark Bill of Rights Day Dec 15

The NDAA bill passed by Congress is worse than PATRIOT ACT. This bill contains some of the most dangerous provisions we’ve ever seen: it would allow the government to imprison anyone suspected of an offense deemed “terrorism-related” indefinitely and without trial or charges—even US citizens.

The president, the Department of Defense, the FBI, and a bipartisan block of senators all oppose this bill. Why is Congress trying to give the government powers it doesn’t even want?

This is America. We have rights, and we demand that our government respect and protect them.

Call Your President Week
1. Call President Obama fulfill his promise to veto indefinite detentions in NDAA 2012 bill: 202-456-1111. Tell him on this Bill of Rights Day he must defend our rights of trial by vetoing this bill
2. Call ten friends, colleagues and relatives to call President Obama as well. Do it every day.
3. Forward this action alert with your friends.
4. Your school:
  • Have your school assembly (fulltime as well as weekend) do a reading of bill of rights on December 15
  • Ask all students to write a letter to President Obama to veto it
5. Your Masjid:
  • Give Khutba this Friday on the importance of justice, Bill of Rights & the Indefinite detention without trial
  • Ask imams to make dua after each Salat to guide our leaders towards justice
  • Get your interfaith partners to forward this alert to their lists
What is the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)?
The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is a bill passed by Congress in early December. It contains provisions that, if made law, would order the military to arrest, and indefinitely detain, even US citizens merely accused (but never proven) of involvement in terror-related crimes. Americans who care about liberty and freedom must take immediate action. Whether concerned about communities vulnerable to racial profiling in the war on terror, or the ideological profiling apparent in the FBI’s investigation of dozens of peace & justice activists around the country, or simply preserving the right to trial or the longstanding prohibition on domestic military deployment, all Americans share a stake in this struggle.

Please tweet on this topic by hashtags: #indefinite #detentions to tweet your messages about it.

Print this pdf of the alert to distribute at your community center.