It was a conference of Imams about Islamophobia. And what did they get? Islamophobia. Three Imams were denied traveling, one of them a major leader of Muslims.

Imam Al-Amin Abdul Latif the president of the umbrella organization of the greater new York area the Islamic Leadership Council of New York Metropolitan New York (Majlis Ash Shura of New York) was stopped from flying by the American airlines. This incident happened last Friday May 6 when Imam was planning to attend an Imams conference on Islamophobia.

Imam Latif who is an African American, is a well known and well respected leader active in civil rights and social justice issues. He heads the 500,000 strong Muslim community of the greater New York area.

No American should be discriminated against. When a leader of Imam Latif's stature is discriminated against then all citizens are endangered

The allies of the Muslim Peace Coalition including the United National antiwar Committee have vowed to stand with us.

Background: Two other Imams flying from Memphis, TN on the same day were taken off the plane essentially due to a pilot decision. Imam Masudur Rahman, an adjunct professor of Arabic at the University of Memphis and Imam Mohamed Zaghloul were denied a flight even though TSA had cleared them for flying after a double security check at the airport and declared that they have no objection to the passengers flying. The pilot had made the decision essentially because of their religious dress due to Islamophobia. Perhaps because Tennesse recently passed an anti-sharia law. Delta Airline and the affiliate apologize and arranged a later flight for the imams.

In Imam Latif’s case American Airlines did not give a reason. They denied him a flight twice after issuing him a boarding pass and now are claiming that they cannot find a reservation for him.

Several Imams regularly face travel related problems. Some leading Imams in North America, for example Dr. Abdalla Idris Ali, Imam Siraj Wahhaj are simply unable to travel outside their country because of the federal government.

It is therefore, important for us to call for a Justice Department Investigation into the violation of civil rights of Muslim travelers by the airlines.

Please take the following 3 actions Today:
  • First make these calls
  • Then ask ten other members of your family, friends, and non Muslim partners to make the following calls today.
  • Call American Airlines to protest their behavior: 1-800--433-7300 punch 0 for operator
    • Tell them that you would like to speak to a customer service supervisor
    • Tell them that you are calling to protest denying Imam Al-Amin A Latif
    • It was a very wrong what they have done by not giving him any reasons why after giving him his boarding card he was refused a flight
    • He is the leader of all 500,000 Muslims in New York.
    • Because of their decision he had to drive ten hours to reach Charlotte, NC
    • Clergies deserve special respect not disrespect
    • Ask them to apologize
  • Call Justice Department complaint line: (800) 869-4499
    • Tell them to stop being unjust towards Muslims.
    • Ask why Well-established Muslim leaders are being denied flying rights.
    • Tell them why Imam Al-Amin A Latif was refused flight and why two other Imams including a professor were taken off the flight on the pilot feeling uncomfortable. 
    • They might say it is a Dept of Homeland Security issue. Tell them no. We see it as a justice and civil rights issue to deny the right of travel to Muslim leaders and that is the reason you are calling the justice Department Civil Rights Division
    • They should open investigation on this ongoing harassment of Muslims
  • Call Civil Rights office of TSA: 1-877-336-4872
    • Ask them to stop profiling of Muslims
    • Ask them to investigate why Imam Latif was denied flight to Charlotte

Be polite but firm. It’s your rights.

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