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Spare 10 Minute A Day Against Indefinite Detentions without Trial

Posted by Mufti Admin on Monday, December 12, 2011, In : Action Alert 
Spare 10 Minute A Day
Call President Obama Week 202-456-1111
Against Indefinite Detentions without Trial
To Mark Bill of Rights Day Dec 15

The NDAA bill passed by Congress is worse than PATRIOT ACT. This bill contains some of the most dangerous provisions we’ve ever seen: it would allow the government to imprison anyone suspected of an offense deemed “terrorism-related” indefinitely and without trial or charges—even US citizens.

The president, the Department of Defense, the FBI, and a bip...
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Let Muslims Travel. Call American Airlines & Justice Department Today!

Posted by Mufti Admin on Tuesday, May 10, 2011, In : Action Alert 

It was a conference of Imams about Islamophobia. And what did they get? Islamophobia. Three Imams were denied traveling, one of them a major leader of Muslims.

Imam Al-Amin Abdul Latif the president of the umbrella organization of the greater new York area the Islamic Leadership Council of New York Metropolitan New York (Majlis Ash Shura of New York) was stopped from flying by the American airlines. This incident happened last Friday May 6 when Imam was planning to attend an Imams conf...
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