Action Alert for Dec. 27, 2011

Thanks to your calls, the White House Comment Lines have been busy. If you have not called the President yet, please call at (202) 456-111.

Considering that the President is in campaign mode, he is likely listening to his campaign managers, and they might be easier to reach than the White House. Call them at (312) 698-3670.

President Obama hasn't signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) yet, so let's tell him to do the right thing.

Muslim Peace Coalition USA is proud to have mobilized the country against this unjust and unconstitutional "law" while organizations with a budget of millions of dollars were silent.

Call today at (312) 698-3670.

Please call President Obama's campaign office today at (312) 698-3670. If you have not called the White House yet, please call there as well.

Say that you would like to speak to the officer in charge. Once that person is on the phone, ask his name and rank and write it down before you start talking to him. If you can, you should try to get hold of any of the following officers:

Jim Messina (Campaign Manager)
David Axelrod (Communications)
Julianna Smoot (Deputy Campaign Manager)
Jennifer O'Malley Dillon (Deputy Campaign Manager)

Tell him/her this:
You have voted for Obama in 2008 (if you have, otherwise skip this line)
You still respect the president. However, tell him how disappointed you are on the constant violations of the Bill of Rights, secret evidence, etc.

Ask him/her this:
Ask them what their boss' name is and what his/her phone number is.
Ask if you can talk to him/her.
If not, tell him/her that you would like him to write down your message for him/her to pass on.
President Obama to veto indefinite detention provisions in NDAA 2012 bill.
Tell him you may not vote for president if he does not.

If possible, locate the local phone number of an Obama office in your state and have them pass it on as well.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed by the Congress sitting on President Obama's desk for signature, contains dangerous provisions which were passed in the early days of Nazi Germany and invoke the memories of Japanese Detention camps in America. According to these provisions the U.S. military, not your police or FBI, is authorized to detain anyone including the U.S. citizens from the U.S. soil indefinitely without a trial or even a charge merely based on unproven suspicion.

The FBI, the CIA and the Defense Department opposed these provisions. Many Senators tried to exclude U.S. citizens but failed. Here is a New York Times editorial. Here is a thorough answer to those who believe the bill is not that bad. Here is an ACLU alert.