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October 17, 2010
Muslim Peace Coalition Protests Outside Fox News Offices Condemns Incendiary Remarks of TV Host Bill O'Reilly 
Scores of Muslims and other New York and New Jersey activists staged an emergency protest in front of Fox News protesting his incendiary remarks about Muslims.  The rally was organized as a spontaneous outpouring of alarm and outrage by the Muslim Peace Coalition who are concerned about growing number of attacks on Muslims and mosques. (
The protesters were outraged that Fox news and Mr. O'Reilly have continued to contribute to the spread of hatred against American Muslims through reckless and untrue allegations.
Sara Flounders of International Action Center, Dr. Mohammad Yousufuddin, President of New York chapter of Islamic Circle of North America, Habeeb Uddin Ahmed, Chairman of Islamic Center of Long Island, Andy Pollack of al-Awda and Dr. Shaik Ubaid of Muslim Peace Coalition were among the leaders who addressed the protesters. Seemi Ahmed of Muslim Peace Coalition thanked the 50 leaders and representatives of various communities and organizations including Sajid Shah, President of Westbury Masjid who participated in the emergency protest.
The Muslim Peace Coalition's representatives attempted to deliver a letter of protest to Mr. O' Reilly.
The protesters were carrying placards with slogans such as;
BILL Stop trying to get us KILLed
Muslims are Americans
Muslims African Slaves  Built America
Muhammad Ali and Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Are More American than Bill O'Reilly
Muslims Condemn Terrorism
 Thank You
Joy & Whoopi