October 1, 2010
Muslim Peace Alliance USA leaders to address the historic and mammoth Washington rally on October 2nd.
Three Muslim leaders from the multi-state Muslim Peace alliance will be addressing the mammoth Washington. DC rally on October 2nd.
The march is being organized by One Nation working Together. Hundreds of thousand of people are expected to convene in the nation's capital and will be rallying for jobs, peace and justice.
One of the Muslim delegation from New York will be leaving from the Islamic center of Long Island in Werstbury at 5:30 in the morning according to Dr. Shaik Ubaid, an organizer for the tri-State region of Muslim Peace Coalition USA.
American Muslims who have been concerned over the rise of anti-Muslim bigotry are worried that the extremist elements will try to polarize the nation further on the eve of the elections. They are determined to keep the political discourse focused on real issues such as economy, jobs, healthcare, peace and justice, stated Dr. Ubaid.
"We will be standing with those who stand with us and for humanity and country", said Seemi Ahmed, the New York chapter co-chair for the coalition.  She expressed pride that the Muslim leaders will not only be sharing the "Peace Table" but speaking on the national platform during the rally. 
One of the Muslim speakers is Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid, the chairman of the board for the World Parliament of Religion who is the inspiration behind the Muslim Peace Coalition.