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New York Muslims disappointed by Mayor Bloomberg's Reaction

Posted by Mufti Admin on Tuesday, January 3, 2012, In : Press release 
December 30, 2011
Contact person: Dr. Shaik Ubaid: 516-567-0783
New York Muslims disappointed by Mayor Bloomberg's Reaction. Will pray for him in the Friday services.Hope he will join the movement against indefinite detention of the US citizens. Americans must not fear their Muslims fellow citizens, they should fear the slippery slope to the police state. Muslim boycott covered extensively by the media

We are saddened and disappointed by Mayor...

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NYC Mosque Arson: Islamophobia and xenophobia may have caused the hate crimes. Muslims condemn and demand a thorough investigation

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January 2, 2012
Contact person: Dr. Shaik Saad: 516-567-0783
Muslim Peace Coalition-USA strongly condemns the fire bombing of a prominent mosque and homes and business in the Queens area of New York City. According to the initial reports the same type of arson weapon was used in all the attacks.  One of the houses belonged to a Hindu person.
The four arson attacks seem well planned and coordinated. One of the targets was a prominent mosque in Queens- Al-Khoi Islamic Center. Ther...

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